How To: Assemble a model rocket for launching

Assemble a model rocket for launching

In this Hobbies & Toys video tutorial you will learn how to assemble a model rocket for launching. This video will show you how to do this using the Estes Alpha model rocket. For this project you will need the rocket kit, masking tape, glue, sand paper, a knife, scissors and a pencil. First you sample the engine mount, glue it up and set it aside to dry. Next you cut out the fins and sandpaper them together. Then you apply glue on the inside of the tube up to 1 1/2" and push the engine mount in to the tube until it is flush. Next you attach the fins as per the instructions in the manual, attach the launch lock and glue in the cord. Finally you attach the parachute and the cord to the nose cone. Fold the parachute as per the instructions, put it inside the tube and fix the nose cone. Your rocket is now ready. You can paint it if you like.

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