How To: Build your own stomp rocket out of household materials

Build your own stomp rocket out of household materials

In this video, we learn how to build your own stomp rocket out of household materials. Materials you will need are: plastic bottles, bicycle inner tube, 2 feet PVC pipe, duct tape, masking tape, and file folders or card stock. Now, take your PVC pipe and roll paper around it and tape it. Then, remove the paper from the pipe and tape it more so it's completely closed. Then, make your nose cone for the rocket. Place this and the wings onto the rocket in your choice of colors. Then, make the launcher by taking your water bottle and a hose. From here, you will connect the water bottle to the hose using duct tape. Then, connect the PVC pipe on top of the hose using more duct tape. After this, put the rocket on the end of the PVC pipe and aim it. Then, push down on the water bottle and watch the rocket fly!

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