How To: Make a Homemade PVC Rocket

Make a Homemade PVC Rocket

This homemade hairspray-powered PVC rocket takes less than an hour to construct and only costs about 20 dollars to make. Check out my video below for the step-by-step instructions on building your own backyard rocket, and follow the written guide below for reference.

Step 1: Create the Base

First, you need to glue the cap onto the end of the PVC pipe. We are using a 4" by 3' piece of white PVC pipe for this project.

Step 2: Create the Rocket

To create our rocket, we are going to be using sleeping foam. Wrap it around the PVC pipe fairly tight and tape 3 loops around the foam, then tape the meet of the foam and 3 more loops to secure it all together.

Step 3: Install the Top of the Rocket

For our top, we are using a plastic 2 liter bottle. We cut the top of the bottle and then taped it onto our foam rocket frame. Make sure it is well taped because much pressure will be applied when we ignite the gas.

Step 4: Create the Wings

You then want to cut and glue wings onto the side of the rocket. We used hot glue to secure the wings onto the rocket. Also, glue the wings in a bit of an angle on top the body to make the rocket twist while in flight, which will increase its height and how straight it goes.

Step 5: Drill and Tie the BBQ Lighter

We now drill in the base of the rocket with 2 self-tapping screws which we then hook up to our piezo lighter (ignition source). We also covered the screws with hot glue to insulate the screws so that the sparks happens in the base.

Step 6: Fuel Up

Rocket is done! Now fuel up the base with some hairspray. I like the Tres Emme brandl I find it ignites easily. Put about a 4-second blast of hairspray in the base, secure the rocket on top and click the BBQ lighter.

And you have flight!

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I don't mind that you copied my project step for step, but it sure would be nice if at least credited my channel for the idea.

I hate to be captain buzz kill but that isn't a rocket.
That's a cool toy mortar though.

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