How To: Build a Simple High-Powered Water Rocket Launcher

Build a Simple High-Powered Water Rocket Launcher

There are plenty of things you can use at home to make your own rocket, like sugar, matchsticks, or even trash. They may not be as impressive as a real rocket, but they can still be a lot of fun. In this video, How To Lou shows how he made a high-flying water rocket out of some basic materials like PVC and a soda bottle.

As Lou points out, the bigger your soda bottle, the further it will go. He used 1/2" PVC pipe, valves, and connectors, as well as some brass adapters. He added an air compressor to his, but if you don't have one, you can use a bicycle pump instead. To put the whole thing together, Lou used a nail, an O-ring, some PVC cement, and Teflon tape.

Check out the video to see the step-by-step process, and you can find more of Lou's projects on his YouTube channel.

Looking for something a little more high-tech? This see-though DIY rocket engine might be more your speed.

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