How To: Make a Sparkler Rocket

Make a Sparkler Rocket
  1. Cut cardboard into 8" long x 3" wide strips.
  2. With cardboard down on a cutting board, place 1 AA battery on one end.
  3. Roll once so the battery is covered.
  4. Hold in place.
  5. Spread a light coat of Craft Glue in thin sections on the rest of the cardboard.
  6. Roll the battery up.
  7. Using electrical tape, tape roll together vertically.
  8. Wrap ends in electrical tape.
  9. Set aside to dry.
  10. Cut a 1" piece of putty.
  11. Cut in 1/2 through the middle.
  12. Once the tubes dry, take 1 of these pieces.
  13. Pack it in tightly at the end of the tube to make a seal, using a bolt to really pack it in.
  14. Smooth outer side with fingers.
  15. Using a flashlight, shine through the open end.
  16. Be sure the end you packed is sealed well.
  17. Get your sturdy box.
  18. Cut up sparklers into tiny crushable size pieces. Use your pestle.
  19. Finely grind ten sparklers into powder.
  20. Use a small funnel with an opening less than the size of a penny.
  21. Fill the tube a third of the way with sparkler powder.
  22. Pack it tightly using a bolt and pressing and packing firmly.
  23. Continue until almost complete, leaving about 5 mm.
  24. Put the remaining piece of Knead in the open end.
  25. Pack firmly to seal.
  26. Close the tube.
  27. Smooth outer section with fingers.
  28. Holding the tube vertically, drill a 1.5 mm hole on each side within the taped area, cleaning off any putty.
  29. You have two sets of holes within the taped area.
  30. Take the whole sparkler stick.
  31. Run it through 1 side and out the other of the holes you just drilled.
  32. Make sure it goes through smoothly.
  33. Drill a 4mm hole into the center on the end where you just drilled side holes.
  34. Using two wire ends of the sparkler sticks, cut into 2" strips.
  35. Insert in 2 holes on the sides.
  36. Bend wires down.
  37. Tape tightly.
  38. Insert a piece of sparkler approximately 3" long into a center hole drilled into the top of the tube. This is the fuse.
  39. Out of doors, set up launching mechanism.
  40. Take 2 12" sticks.
  41. Cross over to make an "X".
  42. Tape together in the center to keep the x formation.
  43. Press firmly into the ground.
  44. Place one end of the launch device on the cradle of the "X" bracket and the other on the ground.
  45. Place the sparkler rocket into the pipe with the fuse section sticking outside.
  46. Light fuse!

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