How To: Make a rocket

Make a rocket

In this video you learn to make a PVC rocket that can travel hundreds of meters high. You start off by cutting your PVC pipe 62 mm long. Next dilute some kitty litter in a bowl to make it damp to compress. This makes a plug. Plug the pipe with 1 cm of liter. Then you add the rocket fuel. Be careful not to mix! Compress until it is time to plug the other end with kitty litter. Next you drill a hole in the center of the pipe with a 5mm bit. Tape the pipe to a stick about 40 cm long. You then cut off enough stick to make it balance evenly. This way the rocket will fly straight. After you have done your balancing, secure it with more tape and stick a fuse made of party sparkler in the whole you drilled. Viola! You have a rocket.

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