How To: Build a plastic model airplane

Build a plastic model airplane

The video deals with a clear step by step process of making a plastic airplane. He asked us to select the model of the airplane we are going to make first. He has selected the North American F86A SABRE model in this demo.

For assembling the airplane, he asked us to prepare a working area first. The working area must contain items we need for making the airplane such as a ruler, tape, paints, brushes, and glue. For doing the work accurately, a magnifying glass is also a great addition.

Inside the box, each part of the airplane was identified by a unique number, along with the instructions telling us in which order it should be arranged for getting the final product. First, he cleaned the plastic parts with the mix of water and mild soap. This removes the residue formed during the mold of the plastic parts. Then the parts were glued, followed by the painting. At last, the plastic model airplane was ready.

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