How To: Make an awesome match rocket

Make an awesome match rocket

In this video we are shown how to make a match rocket. You will need a lighter, a paper clip, a pair of scissors, tinfoil and some matches. Start with two matches and with the scissors cut the heads off. Using the stick of the match measure a square of tinfoil. Place the stick on one edge of tinfoil and roll a little lip around it. Remove the stick and place the heads in the lip that you just rolled. Place the stick in the lip behind the heads so that it is halfway off of your tinfoil. Now begin to roll up your tinfoil around your stick and match heads so that it forms a tube. Once your foil is completely rolled twist the non-stick end tightly so that nothing can come out. Remove the stick and insert the paperclip in it's place. Twist the paper clip into a stand so that your rocket is angled upward. Finally, take your lighter and heat the tinfoil until the match heads ignite. Hopefully, if everything has gone to plan, your rocket should launch.

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