How To: Make a solar-powered miniature car

Make a solar-powered miniature car

Check out this science video to see how to make a solar-powered miniature car. To make this solar-powered mini car, you'll need some balsa wood, a small motor, two steel rods, four wheels, four washers, a straw of any color, two gears, a solar cell, hot glue gun, a tape measure and a knife.

This cool experiment is easy to do if you have all of the right parts, and shows you the power of the sun.

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Where can I get the motor, gear, and wheels?

lol so this how Bill gates looked when he was young! and a bit fat! loooooooool

Why would someone make this type of comment? The video was well done, and very informative.

This was very helpful. I have to make one for school.

hi guys i have an idea that to make an toy car which works with the help of solar and battery power system.I think that this will be an good idea that while in the day light we ma use the toy car with the help of solar panels but during night times we have no energy to run the toy car for this we can use battery power cells these power cells get charged during the morning time by this solar panels and these can be charged even using the elctrical current also . these may be bit different but we can get a try on this process also .thats my thought because each and every child wants to play with remote control cars so by keeping them into my mind i have got this idea i think you may like this process.thank you

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