How To: Optimize a nitro-powered RC car for the weather

Optimize a nitro-powered RC car for the weather

In this video we are about to see how to optimize a nitro-powered RC car for the weather. First to tune a engine we have to know what all the factors that will affect the engine and know how our engine works. The tuning of the engine varies with the place we go in. The tuning levels are different to different areas we go and it also varies from a season to season. The needle settings and the plug settings changes. In winter you can go for a harder plug and summer you can go for a colder plug. Similarly you have to be leaner in summer but rich in winter in tuning the engine. It also varies according to the humidity levels. Then the pressure levels. Higher the pressure you have to be rich and lower the pressure the more leaner you can be. So is with the oil content. If it is more then lubrication is high so more leaner you can be in tuning the engine. That's it if we are aware of what to do then we can tune it to desired levels according to the weather factor.

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