News: Build a 2/5 scale Sherman tank

Build a 2/5 scale Sherman tank

Let me be clear. I don't like this guy.

I love him.

Genius does not begin to describe this Vietnam Veteran from Perth Australia. Patient. Clear. Revelatory. Step by step. Generous. This is one of my very favorite how-to videos in our solar system. I doubt many will watch all the hours of tape. But it is truly better than television. He is the real deal. And the ingenuity of design and construction is inspiration to the concept of DIY.

Build a 2/5th scale tank

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oh man, if only I had a garage - I'd so build one! Unbelievable how detailed these videos are.

wow.... i want to see a full version of this tank :P that would be awsum


i like it where is the part on how to build the turret?

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