How To: Paint a fade on your model cars

Paint a fade on your model cars

If you want to paint a fade on your model cars you should first pick colors that will work well with each other. First, you should plan out your step. Divide the car into parts of the car where you will places your colors. You should designate where you mixing and solid areas are before you begin to paint. You should carry your mixes far and blend them well. When you do this, you'll want to lift up your airbrush a little bit. For fading, go to a solid color, and as you go to a new color lift your brush and mist the color. Then with the new color mist and go to the solid. You will want to repeat this process. You will go darkest to lightest and lightest to darkest. Make sure you mark and plan where your mix and solid colors will be for greater planning. If you follow these steps, you can fade paint your model cars easily.

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